2021 Int’l Student Online Promotional Session ④ || Japan
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On the morning of April 3rd, the 2021 International Student Online Promotional Session for Japan was successfully held. The session was hosted by Hankao International and undertaken by the Japan Youth Development Association (Japan HSK Affairs Bureau). Huazhong University of Science and Technology attended the session.

During the session, Ms. WEI Tian, who is in charge of Asian and African Affairs from the Office of International Affairs, gave a detailed introduction of the discipline strength, scientific research, social service, campus life, and short-term Chinese programs. Then, she demonstrated an online learning platform "DISCOVER AT HUST" and a series of high-quality online courses developed during the post-epidemic period to students and staff invited, and encouraged Japanese students to learn courses through the online platform, so as to make sufficient preparation for studying at HUST in advance.

In the end, the two sides had an in-depth discussion. The participants showed great interest to study at HUST, and asked questions about the scholarship application process, short-term programs, major courses and social practice. WEI Tian answered all questions in detail and welcomed Japanese teachers and students to visit and study at HUST.

The online promotional session for international students’ admission is an innovative initiative taken by HUST in the post-epidemic period. For now, HUST has set up concrete targets in the international education development plan to attract more high-quality international students and enhance the international influence by developing new programs and broadening admission channels, so as to accelerate the "Double First-Class" construction.

HUST has successfully admitted a group of more than 50 Japanese students to study Chinese courses online under the 2021 HUST International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship. Currently, HUST is actively communicating with the Japanese counterparts to design more tailored courses for Japanese students, and will hold a Japanese Chinese cultural camp in May.

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